1/4″-48 UNS thread gauge ring plug gage 2A 2B GO&NOGO

1/4"-48 UNS plug gage1/4"-48 UNS ring gage

1/4″-48 UNS thread ring gauge 2A GO&NOGO 

1/4″-48 UNS thread plug gauge 2B GO&NOGO 

Fraction: 1/4″



Thread Form: UNS

Ring gauges Tolerance: 2A 3A

Plug gauges Tolerance:2B 3B

These items need custom production, ring gages need two weeks to be finished, plug gauges need ten days to       be finished.

Worldwide shipment,usually taking 3-4 days clients can receive goods.

The pictures are just for reference. As too many items in stock,

we haven’t taken pictures one by one.


If needed, one long form calibration certificate from professional third party testing lab

accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 can be supplied.

Each gage 100% calibrated with quality assurance.


We are committed to providing superior quality with excellent service in

short delivery time, We aim to build long-term customer relationships.


We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of thread ring gages and

Thread plug gauges, including GO/NOGO, RH/LH(right hand and left hand).

We have rich ranges of thread gauges, including UN, Metric, ACME, stub-ACME,

BSPP, BSPT, NPT, NPTF, Trapezoidal, and Whitworth etc.


If clients need some special thread gauges, then our custom production service can be provided.

Usually plug gauges need ten days to finish, ring gages need two weeks to finish.

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