No10-28 UNS thread ring/ plug gauge 2A/2B GO&NOGO

UNS thread plug gageUNS ring gage

No 10-28  UNS 2A thread ring gauge GO&NOGO 

No 10-28  UNS 2B thread plug gauge GO&NOGO 

Nominal Diameter: #10



Thread Form: UNS

Ring gauges Tolerance: 2A 3A

Plug gauges Tolerance:2B 3B

These items need custom production, ring gages need two weeks to be finished, plug gauges need ten days to be finished.

Worldwide shipment , usually taking 3-4 days clients can receive goods.

The pictures are just for reference. As too many items in stock, we haven’t taken pictures one by one,

If clients need  actual goods’s pictures, we are happy to take