2 3/8-6 UN thread gage ring / plug gauge 2A 2B GO&NOGO

2 3/8"-6 UN 2A ring gage2 3/8-6 UN 2B plug gage

2 3/8″-6 UN thread ring gage GO & NOGO 2A USD215

2 3/8-6 UN thread plug gauge GO & NOGO 2B USD129

Fraction: 2 3/8″

Decimal: 2.375


Thread Form: UN

Ring gauges Tolerance: 2A 3A

Plug gauges Tolerance: 2B 3B


2 3/8-6 UN ring plug gage in stock, can be sent out same day!

RH=right hand  LH=left hand both available

  • 2.375-6 UN screw plug gage : taperlock double end with handle
  • 2.375″-6 UN screw ring gauge : solid

Each gage 100% calibrated with quality assurance.

2-3/8×6 UN thread gage calibration certificate

If needed, one long form calibration certificate from professional third party testing lab accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 can be supplied. gaugesools also can provide UKAS certifications if needed.These calibration certificates need extra cost, if clients need them,please tell in advance.

Custom production

If clients need some special 2 3/8-6 UN thread gauges, then our custom production service can be provided. Usually plug gauges need ten days to finish, ring gages need two weeks to finish. It need custom production with class of fit 3A and 3B.

About us

gaugestools is a professional manufacturer and supplier of thread ring gages and thread plug gauges,including GO/NOGO, RH/LH(right hand and left hand).We have rich ranges of thread gauges, including UN, Metric, ACME, stub-ACME,BSPP, BSPT, NPT, NPTF, Trapezoidal, and Whitworth etc.

Worldwide shipment,usually taking 3-4 days clients can receive goods.  The pictures are just for reference. As too many items in stock,we haven’t taken pictures one by one.

We are committed to providing superior quality with excellent service in short delivery time, We aim to build long-term customer relationships.

How to use 2.375-6 UN ring plug gage

  • GO of thread plug gage : it controls workpiece’s internal thread’s pitch diameter and major diameter’s maximum physical size. plug gage’s GO end should be screwed into the entire length of internal thread of workpiece, otherwise, the workpiece’s internal thread is unqualified.
  • NOGO of thread plug gage: it controls workpiece’s internal thread’s single pitch diameter’s minimum physical size. plug gage’s NOGO can be screwed in, but it can’t be screwed in more than three turns. Otherwise, the internal thread is unqualified.
  • GO of thread ring gage: it controls workpiece’s external thread’s pitch diameter and minor diameter’s maximum physical size. ring gage’s GO end should be screwed into the entire length of external thread of workpiece, otherwise, the workpiece’s external thread is unqualified.
  • NOGO of thread ring gage: it controls workpiece’s external thread’s single pitch diameter’s minimum physical size. ring gage’s NOGO can be screwed in, but it can’t be screwed in more than three turns. Otherwise, the external thread is unqualified.

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How to order

Please list the full lists you need, then we will quote you accordingly, if you need to order, we will send you an invoice and money request to your mail, then you can pay by Paypal, Credit card or Bank transfer at once. ( we accept Visa, Master Card , American express etc Credit card) After your payment, please leave detailed receiving address, telephone, and receiver name for express shipping. Then we will send out goods as soon as possible.


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Class     of fit External thread  gauge(X Class)
                   GO         NOGO
Pitch   diameter Minor  Diameter Pitch   diameter Minor   Diameter
2 3/8-6  UN 2A 2.2640     2.2635 2.1918   2.1910 2.2551     2.2556 2.2190   2.2198
 2.375-6 3A 2.2667     2.2662 2.1945 2.1937 2.2601     2.2606 2.2240  2.2248
Internal thread  gauge(X Class)
                   GO          NOGO
Major diameter Pitch  diameter Major  diameter Pitch  diameter
2 3/8-6 UN 2B 2.3750


2.2667  2.2672 2.1185 2.1179 2.0914  2.0910
 2.375-6 3B 2.1250









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 11/16-16 UN 2A thread ring gauge best quality0.6875-16 UN 2B thread plug gauge express delivery