8 5/8 BTC / BCSG API thread gauge-Buttress Thread Casing ring plug gage

8 5/8 BTC / BCSG API thread gauge

8 5/8 BTC / BCSG API thread gauge-ring plug gage

Buttress Thread Casing 8 5/8″ API Spec 5B working/master gage

  • Type: BTC / BCSG
  • Size:8 5/8
  • TPI: 5
  • TPF: 3/4
  • Taper: 1:16

Out Diameter: 219.48  Pitch Diameter: 217.907  L4=114.62  S=5.080+/-0.381

Each 8 5/8 BTC thread gage 100% calibrated with quality assurance.

BTC 8 5/8″ API thread gauge calibration certificate

If needed, one long form calibration certificate from professional third party testing lab can be supplied. These calibration certificates need extra cost, if clients need them,please tell in advance.

About us

We are a professional API thread gauges supplier, we can provide API Spec 5B thread gages (CSG, LCSG, BTC/BCSG, TBG/NUE, UP/EUE, LP), API Spec 7-2 thread gauges (NC, REG, FH, IF).

Worldwide shipment , usually taking 3-4 days clients can receive goods.

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We accept payment of T/T(bank transfer), Paypal, Credit Cards, and West Union etc.

8 5/8 BTC / BCSG API thread gauge8 5/8 BTC / BCSG API thread gauge