Some questions client asked on 13th. Dec.17

Q:I am looking to buy M25X2 Ring Gages M25 GO NOGO thread plug gage can more »

Calibration Procedures for Thread Ring Gages

Select the corresponding master set plug. Confirm all  pitch diameter and class size match the ring more »

Pre-plate thread and gauges’ calculating

Thread as the most important part of mechanical fasteners,most of manufacturers will plate the thread more »

gaugestools produced 28 pcs Trapezoidal thread gauges

We-gaugestools, produced well 28 pcs Trapezoidal thread gauges for one client. the products list as more »

Tesla send inquiry to us- gaugestools

gaugestools received Tesla’s inquiry on 8th, NOV, it is a great honor. Tesla ask for M70x2 more »

Many items sold at one order on 10th. NOV

Our client made an order including many items today, he is our old client from more »

Our answer on thread gauge standard for one client

As below questions were asked by our client. We need your help. We bought some more »

Fine-Thread Series

Fine-Thread Series: This series, UNF/UNRF, is suitable for the production of bolts, screws, and nuts more »

UN Coarse Thread

Coarse-Thread Series: This series, UNC/UNRC, is the one most commonly used in the bulk production more »


American Standard for Unified Screw Threads American Standard B1.1-1949 was the first American standard to more »

Definitions of Screw Threads

The following definitions are based on American National Standard ANSI/ASME B1.7M-1984 (R2001) “Nomenclature, Definitions, and more »

Pictures of calibration certificates


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