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BSPP thread taps supplier – G taps

BSPP taps & G thread pipe taps

BSPP (G) thread taps are used to generate BSPP internal straight pipe thread.

BSPP (G) thread taps are British Standard Pipe Parallel thread taps with 55°  thread angle.

BSPP (G) taps are widely used in mass production . Using BSPP(G) thread taps has the characteristics of low-cost tool , less-dependent on operation workers and higher thread accuracy etc.

RH(right hand) and LH( left hand) BSPP(G) thread taps available. (RH no need specified, LH need to be specified specially)

Material: HSS, HSS-E ( Both material can provide good wear-resistance)

These BSPP (G) taps are usually bright ( no-coated), we also can put on coatings according to clients’ requirements.

BSPP (G) taps can be supplied by individual or sets( Taper taps, Plug taps and Bottom Taps)

As below are some BSPP(G) thread taps we can provide:

BSPP G1/8 x 28 Taps BSPP G1/4 x 19 Taps BSPP G3/8 x 19 Taps BSPP G1/2 x 14 Taps
BSPP G3/4 x 14 Taps BSPP G1 x 11 Taps BSPP G1 1/4 x 11 Taps BSPP G1 1/2 x 11 Taps
BSPP G1 3/4 x 11 Taps BSPP G2 x 11 Taps

Straight flute, Ground thread

General-purpose straight flute taps standard: ISO 2284  BS949-3

These taps can be use in machines and hands (machine taps and hand taps)

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We usually send goods by express, DHL or UPS.