Sometimes clients maybe need special thread. For example, Special TPI( thread per inch), special diameter, special requirements on Major diameter, Pitch diameter or Minor diameter, or clients ask some pre-plated thread gages. In all these condition, clients can’t find goods in stock, they have to get one supplier who can provide custom production service.

Here we recommend ourselves-gaugestools. Here are some reasons why clients should choose us:

  • High quality material: Oil hardened tool steel, bearing steel, GCR15. Hardness: 58-62 HRC
  • Strictly checking each thread element, Thread form, angle, pitch and diameters etc.
  • World-class testing equipments
  • Decent price. Our price is very competitive, welcome to send inquiries to us, then you will get it.
  • Quick delivery time. our delivery time is very quick, usually the special ring gages need two weeks to finish, the plug gages need ten days to finish.but if clients need gauges urgently fore their checking goods’ need, we also can provide shorter delivery time. ¬†We ship goods worldwide by express, DHL or Fedex. Usually clients can receive goods taking 4 days’ shipping. the day is not just business day, which include weekend day. For American clients, we send out on Friday, clients can receive goods next Monday.
  • Good customer service. We always strive to provide best service for clients. Clients can contact us by mail, phone, or livechat, we always give a reply in quick time. we aim to setting up long-term business relationship with clients.
  • We exchange or refund if any product hasn’t reached clients’ expectations. We are Paypal golden key supplier, we accept Credit card payment through Paypal, Paypal can keep clients’ each payment safe.
  • If clients need, we can provide third party long form calibration certificate from ISO17025 accredited Metrology calibration lab.
  • Rich experience. We have produced thousands of special thread gauges. We ship our custom made thread gauges worldwide, clients are all very satisfied with our goods!

Here we list our custom thread gages we made:
6AZ thread ring gage





6AZ is special thread class, it need custom production, we produce these custom thread ring plug gauges fully according to clients’ requirements.

ACME ring gage






1/2-10 2G GO NOGO ACME thread ring gage

ACME is not common used thread, all ACME thread gauges need custom production.

ACME thread plug gage






3″-4 2G Stub ACME thread plug gauge

Metric plug gage

Metric thread ring gauge, as the diameter 24.5 is special, so this item need custom production. it is special custom thread guage

Tr60x3 plug gage

Trapezoidal is not common used thread, all Tr thread gauges need custom production.

Need any custom thread gauges? welcome to choose us-gaugestools, we will let you be satisfied!