In the market, there are two kinds of thread ring gauges, one is solid , and the other is adjustable ring gages.

Here we will explain the difference of them in detail.

The screw thread consists of many complex features all wrapped helically around a shaft. As screw threads became standardized for mass production of interchangeable part, it became important to verify manufactured screw threads to see if they met a verified specification. Measuring all the aspects of the screw thread was determined too complex of a task to undertake at the production line, and it really take too much time and cost. Easier methods of testing the screw thread to assure compliance to design parameters became a necessity; thus screw thread gages were designed.

thread plug gagues are used to test internal thread, thread ring gages are used to test external thread.

At gaugestools we provide all our thread ring gauges with solid design because we know that it is better than adjustable thread ring gages(AGD) for the following reasons:

  • It is more accurate dimensionally: we can measure out the pitch diameters and minor diameters clearly,  AGD rings are never truely round.  AGD ring Pitch Diameters are based on the pitch diameter of the set plug. So basically you only know it’s larger than the Pitch Diameter of the Set Plug; how much larger nobody knows for sure.
  •  No setting plug needed for calibration or Manufacture; a cost saving as you are not forced to purchase the set plug if the gauge manufacturer doesn’t have it in stock. it will save cost and time. Using ADG style, you have to learn how to use setting plug to calibrate the ring gauges. Sometimes improper setting, also leads to the adjustable ring gauges are in wrong condition.
  •  More care-free, if dropped it doesn’t have to be re-calibrated for our solid ring . With the price of AGD setting plugs it make’s good economic sense to go with a solid ring and perform your periodic calibration based on usage.
  • Our solid rings are cheaper than AGD style.
  • we have a rich ranges of thread ring gages in stock. Basically, we have all the standard sizes in stock. Worldwide shipping just take 3-5 days.
  •  Once you begin to use gaugestools’ solid ring gauges, you will never be willing to use adjustalble ring gages.