Someone maybe have question:do you need Tin coating on buying thread plug gages? If add the Tin coating, of course, you have to pay more costs, and the cost is not low at all.

If you buy from us-gaugestools, we not recommend you to add Tin coating. as our thread gauges use GCR15-bearing steel, and our material was heat-treated with High wear resistance. You really no need Tin coating. Usually Tin coating is used on cutting tools. it is used to improve performance at high temperatures. you know thread plug gages are testing tools, not cutting tools, and usually thread plug gages won’t be used at high tempature. Cutting tools are worked at high temperature when working, but thread plug gages can be used when the goods’ temperature dropped down.

Here I tell why sometimes thread plug gages will be added with Tin coating. First, it provide higher hardness, giving it more wear resistance. Second, it gives the gage lubricity.

If your thread plug gages are used to test material Aluminium, brass and plastic etc “soft” material, I recommed no need to add Tin coating. but if the gages are used to test stainless stee and titanium etc ” hard’ material. then you can consider to add Tin coating. as these material need higher wear resistance.