This week we receive one order of big Metric thread plug gauges from clients coming from Turkey,

Metric thread plug gauges 5H

·         M105x2 5H

·         M110x2 5H

·         M115x2 5H

·         M120x2 5H

·         M125x2 5H

·         M130x2 5H

·         M135x2 5H

·         M140x2 5H

·         M145x2 5H

·         M150x2 5H

·         M155x3 5H

·         M160x3 5H

·         M165x3 5H

·         M170x3 5H

·         M180x3 5H

·         M190x3 5H

·         M200x3 5H

tariff number:9017800000

First we quoted to clients, after answering as below questions, clients made the order

1.       All prices (set) includes , good & no good gauges  Yes, all price including GO NOGO gauge

2.       Thread tolerance 5 H –  yes, 5H

3.       We need calibration certification long form calibration certificate from third party need USD40/item

4.       Mateial of gauges ?  GCR15 bearing steel 

5.       Delivery time ? we need three weeks to finish production ,and 5 days to get the long form calibration certififcates

gaugestools has rich experience in producing big items, for example, M200 thread gauges, 10″ UN thread gages etc. If clients have some big thread need thread gauge to check, please contact us, we will provide competitive price with high quality!