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GO NO GO thread gauge is thread inspection tool for checking thread. the go end should go through the entire thread, the NO GO end should be stopped between the thread of work-pieces. If not like so, then we can judge that the thread of work-pieces are not well enough.  gaugestools is professional supplier of GO NOGO thread gages, which can supply Metric, United Inch, BSPP, ACME, Stub-ACME, and Trapezoidal etc GO NOGO thread ring gage and plug gage.

Thread gauge GO NOGO is measuring tool for checking tool. These gauges can’t measure out the detailed data of thread. They just can tell a “state”. The thread tested can be accepted or not. Go NOGO thread gages come from Taylor invention patent in 1905. GO NOGO ring gage is used to check “screw” external threaded parts, GO NOGO plug gage is used to check”nut” internal threaded parts.

The advantage of GO NOGO thread gages

  • It make a comprehensive detection of thread parameter, which won’t make separate test for each parameter of thread, having great economical efficiency.

The disadvantage of GO NOGO thread gauges

  • we won’t know the detailed data of thread size, we just know the thread is between the limit range.

These gauges tools are popular in factories’ production, which can greatly save time, and money in checking thread.    As it is not difficult and no need high skill in using these gages, and the operating process is not long and difficult.

Basically, GO NOGO thread gages’s testing is based pitch diameter. If the GO end can go through the entire thread of the work-pieces. The NOGO end can go a little , but can stop between 3 turns. and we can say the thread of work-pieces is okey. but sometimes, if the thread major diameter (for “screw”) and minor diameter ( for ” nuts”)  are also critical and important. Then now we can use plain GO NOGO ring and plug gages.

GO NOGO thread ring gageGO NOGO thread plug gage

Thread plug gauge GO NOGO

Thread plug gauge GO NOGO is used to check “nuts” ( internal threaded parts). The common design is Taperlock, one end is the GO end, another end is the NOGO end, they are connected together by one handle. but this design is just suited for small sizes. For large sizes, the two ends will be separate.

Thread ring gauge GO NOGO

Thread ring gauge GO NOGO is used to check “screw” (external threaded parts). all gaugestools’s design is solid, the GO and NOGO ends are separate.

Metric thread GO NOGO gages       UN thread GO NOGO gauges     BSPP thread GO NOGO gaes

Trapezoidal GO NOGO gages         ACME thread GO NOGO gages

  • all our GO & NO NOGO thread gages are produced by material Gcr15- bearing steel (c0.95-1.05,Mn0.25-0.45,Si0.15-0.35), which has a high and uniform hardness, good wear resistance, high contact fatigue properties after quenching and tempering.
  • Our thread gages’ hardness: 58~65HRC
  • Our thread gages GO NOGO is with high wear resistance
  • Both standard tolerances and special tolerances are available for us. For Metric thread gauge, we have 6H plug gage, and 6g ring gauge in stock, For UN thread gage, we have 2A ring gage, and 2B plug gage in stock. For the special tolerances, for example 7H metric plug gage, 3A UN ring gage, we can make custom production for them.
  • If clients need some special design about the gages, we also can produce according to clients’ design.
  • If clients need, we can provide long form calibration certificate. the testing lab is Beijing Aerospace Institute for Metrology and Measurement Technology, which is authorized by State Administration of science technology and  industry for National Defence. Authorization certificate No.JLJG-1-1103. if clients need, we also can provide UKAS calibration certificate.
  • Custom laser mark on gages available. if clients need some special markings on gauges, we can provide help. For example, clients need to put on their logo. Or some words they want. Recently, one our our clients ask us to mark Pasa on Go, and No Pasa on NOGo, as they are in Spain, which will help their clients to know which end is Go, which end is nogo.
  •    special mark GO NOGO thread gage
  •    Our thread gages are with double surfaces, which will get enough space for specific marking requirements.
  • our thread GO NOGO plugs are with knurled handles for safe handling.
  • Our pointed calibration lab is ISO17025 accredited
  •  ISO 17025 accreditiation

gaugestools is professional GO & NO GO thread gages supplier and manufacturer, anyone need any thread gauges, it is welcome to consult us.