How to pay us

Clients can pay us by Paypal, Credit card and bank transfer. (Visa, Mastercard, discover and American express all accepted)


  • Our Paypal address: [email protected] Clients can pay amount to our Paypal address directly.
  • Our Paypal links: . Clients can click this links, and put on the amount, then can pay us quickly and easily.

Credit card

  • Once clients need to pay by Credit card. we will send a money request to clients’mail by Paypal. Clients can see as below mail.

Paypal money request

  • Clients can click the “Pay now” button.

Secure payment by Paypal

  • Once clients confirm the Amount is correct, then Click “Continue”

credit card

  • Clients click the ” Pay with my credit or debit card”


  • Country is the most important, if the client is in USA, please choose the Country to United States. Clients should care for this problem. To pay us by Credit card is pretty quick and easy. Some clients met problem. the main problem is here. They forgot to change the country to be their country, for example, United States.
  • Clients put on all information needed step by step, then will pay us successfully. Note: we just can receive payment amount, we can’t see clients’ any Credit card information. we won’t know 

We receive payment through Paypal. Paypal will be sure your payment safe.

Know more, please view:

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