Left hand thread gages are used for checking Left hand thread. Left hand threads are designated LH. They are relative to right hand thread( RH). The thread is with counter-clockwise rotation. A thread is a left hand thread, if when reviewed axially, it winds in a counterclockwise and receding direction. we can produce kinds of left hand thread gauges,      For example, Metric, United Inch (UN), Trapezoidal, Acme etc. Not like the right hand thread gages, most of the RT  gages are in stock. Most of left hand thread gages need to be produced specially. Usually, the ring gages need two weeks to be finished, the plug gages need ten days to be finished. If clients need these LH gages with long form calibration certificate, we can send to Beijing Aerospace Institude for Metrology and Measurement Technology to get the certificates, which is ISO17025 accredited and ISO9001:2008 passed. Usually we need three days to get certificates.

left hand

A thread is a left-hand thread if, when viewed axially, it winds in a counterclockwise and receding direction. All left-hand threads are designated LH.

We produced thousands of left hand thread gages for clients all over the world. Our clients like our thread gauges very much, and give high praise for the. Here I list some left hand thread gages we produced recently.

Our left hand ring gages are solid, clients can use them to turn on thread directly, not need any adjust, our left hand plug gages are  with taperlock style with GO NOGO double ends. We can produce kinds of thread forms LH gages fully according to clients’ requirements. Special size, speical class of fit, one, two or three starts etc all are available.     All our gages are with superior quality. Our gauges got certificates of UKAS lab, N.I.S.T lab. Our clients sometimes send our gages to their local lab to get calibration certificates, our gauges also can passed the test!


.ACME left hand ring gage

In December,2017, we produced   Go and NoGo Ring for thread M 7 x 1,  also in 3g and this one in LH 

M7 x 1 LH ring gage