M18x0.5 tap-M18 x 0.5 Metric thread tap in HSS bottom second taper

M18x2.5 thread taps

M18x2.5 thread taps supplier-bottom, second, and taper

M18 x 2.5 Metric thread taps- machine taps and hand taps

  • Type: Metric Tap
  • Size: 18
  • Pitch: 2.5
  • Material: HSS (High speed steel)
  • Ground thread

M18x2.5 left hand Metric thread tap also available (RH=right hand LH= left hand)

M18x2.5 thread taps

M18  Nominal Diameter: 18  P:2.5

Our M18 x 2.5 Metric taps  can be supplied by sets and individual( one sets including three taps, taper, second and bottom), if  no specially specified, we will supply second taps for using. (In North America, second taps are often called “plug” tap. but in the U.K, bottom taps are often called plug taps. in order to avoid misunderstanding, we suggest all clients  using taper, second and bottom)

M18 x 2.5 taps’s material

W6Mo5Cr4V2 or W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 etc HSS

M18x2.5 thread taps’ hardness

65 HRC

We can supply straight-flute taps, spiral-flute taps, spiral-point taps and thread forming taps etc.

M18x2.5 straight flute tap




Straight-flute taps 

Straight-flute taps are the most commonly used tools for cutting interior thread. it is suited to be used in short holes   for rough material and brittle material’s thread holes.

M18 x 2.5 spiral flute taps




Spiral-flute taps 

Spiral-flute taps can effectively control discharge of chip, which have great advantage in cutting stainless steel etc material which is hard to machined.  often used in blind holes.

M18 x 2.5 spiral point taps




Spiral-point taps 

Spiral-point taps are interior thread cutting tools which push chips through holes ahead of the tool. it is suited to tapping high accuracy thread. often used in through holes.