metric thread plug gauges

Metric thread plug gauges supplier

GO & NOGO, RH(ring hand)  & LH(left hand) available

From M2-M100 many standard sizes in stock, can keep the next days delivery.

Standard tolerance: Plug 6H 

thread tolerance class: 4、5、6、7、9.

Thread tolerance : internal thread G, H;

For special size or pitch, we can provide special custom production service,  one pc is also acceptable,

The print and package can be done fully according to clients’ requirement.

We have as below standard sizes’ screw plug gages in stock.

M2X0.4 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M2X0.25 M2.2X0.45 M2.2×0.25 M2.5×0.45
M2.5×0.35 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M3x0.5 M3x0.35 M3.5×0.6 M3.5×0.35
M4x0.7 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M4x0.5 M5x0.8 M5x0.5 M6x1
M6x0.75 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M6x0.5 M7x1 M7x0.75 M7x0.5
M8x1.25 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M8x1 M8x0.75 M8x0.5 M9x1.25
M9x1 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M9x0.75 M9x0.5 M10x1.5 M10x1.25
M10x1GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M10x0.75 M10x0.5 M11x1.5 M11x1.5
M11x1.25 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M11x1 M11x0.75  M11x0.5 M12x1.75
M12x1.5 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M12x1.25 M12x1 M12x0.75 M12x0.5
M14x2 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M14x1.5 M14x1.25 M14x1 M14x0.75
M14x0.5 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M16x2 M16x1.5 M16x1 M16x0.75
M16x0.5 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M18x2.5 M18x2 M18x1.5 M18x1
M18x0.75 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M18x0.5 M20x2.5 M20x2 M20x1.5
M20x1 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M20x0.75 M20x0.5 M22x2.5 M22x2
M22x1.5 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M22x1 M22x0.75 M22x0.5 M24x3
M24x2 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M24x1.5 M24x1 M24x0.75 M27x3
M27x2 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M27x1.5 M27x1 M27x0.75 M30x3.5
M30x3 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M30x2 M30x1.5 M30x1 M30x0.75
M33x3.5 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M33x3 M33x2 M33x1.5 M33x1
M33x0.75 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M36x4 M36x3 M36x2 M36x1.5
M36x1 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M39x4 M39x3 M39x2 M39x1.5
M39x1 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M40x1.5 M42x4.5 M42x4 M42x3
M42x2 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M42x1.5 M42x1 M45x4.5 M45x4
M45x3 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M45x2 M45x1.5 M45x1 M48x5
M48x4 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M48x3 M48x2 M48x1.5 M48x1
M51x1.5 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M52x5 M52x4 M52x3 M52x2
M52x1.5 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M52x1 M54x2 M56x5.5 M56x4
M56x3 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M56x2 M56x1.5 M56x1 M60x5.5
M60x4 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M60x3 M60x2 M60x1.5 M60x1
M62x2 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M64x6 M64x4 M64x3 M64x2
M64x1.5 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M64x1 M68x6 M68x4 M68x3
M68x2 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M68x1.5 M68x1 M70x1.5 M72x6
M72x4 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M72x3 M72x2 M72x1.5 M76x6
M76x4 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M76x3 M76x2 M76x1.5 M80x6
M80x4 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M80x3 M80x2 M80x1.5 M85x1.5
M90x6 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M90x4 M90x3 M90x2 M90x1.5
M95x6 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M95x4 M95x3 M95x2 M95x1.5
M100x6 GO&NOGO thread ring/plug gage 6g/6H M100x4 M100x3 M100x2 M100x1.5

We 100% be sure gauges’s quality, when clients received goods, if found any not well, clients can give back to us, we will undertake all the loss including shipping cost .

We accept payment of T/t (bank transfer), Paypal.

We usually send goods by express, DHL or UPS.