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Metric thread ring gauges & metric thread plug gauges

Ring gages used to check external thread, plug gages used to check internal thread.

GO & NOGO, RH(right hand)  & LH(left hand) available

From M2-M200 many standard sizes in stock, can keep the next days delivery.

Standard tolerance: Plug 6H &  ring 6g

thread tolerance class: 4、5、6、7、8.

Thread tolerance : internal thread G, H; external thread  e、f、g、h

For special size or pitch, we can provide special custom production service,  one pc is also acceptable,

Meantime, we also can provide bespoke production of pre-plated, left hand Metric thread gages.

We have as below standard sizes’ metric plug gages and  metric ring gages in stock.

M2X0.4 thread gauge M2X0.25 M2.2X0.45 M2.2×0.25 M2.5×0.45
M2.5×0.35 thread gage M3x0.5 M3x0.35 M3.5×0.6 M3.5×0.35
M4x0.7 thread gage M4x0.5 M5x0.8 M5x0.5 M6x1
M6x0.75 thread gage M6x0.5 M7x1 M7x0.75 M7x0.5
M8x1.25 thread gauge M8x1 M8x0.75 M8x0.5 M9x1.25
M9x1 thread gauge M9x0.75 M9x0.5 M10x1.5 M10x1.25
M10x1 thread gage M10x0.75 M10x0.5 M11x1.5 M11x1.5
M11x1.25 thread gage M11x1 M11x0.75  M11x0.5 M12x1.75
M12x1.5 thread gage M12x1.25 M12x1 M12x0.75 M12x0.5
M14x2 thread gage M14x1.5 M14x1.25 M14x1 M14x0.75
M14x0.5 thread gage M16x2 M16x1.5 M16x1 M16x0.75
M16x0.5 thread gage M18x2.5 M18x2 M18x1.5 M18x1
M18x0.75 thread gage M18x0.5 M20x2.5 M20x2 M20x1.5
M20x1 thread gage M20x0.75 M20x0.5 M22x2.5 M22x2
M22x1.5 thread gage M22x1 M22x0.75 M22x0.5 M24x3
M24x2 thread gage  M24x1.5 M24x1 M24x0.75 M27x3
M27x2 thread gage M27x1.5 M27x1 M27x0.75 M30x3.5
M30x3 thread gage M30x2 M30x1.5 M30x1 M30x0.75
M33x3.5 thread gage M33x3 M33x2 M33x1.5 M33x1
M33x0.75 thread gage M36x4 M36x3 M36x2 M36x1.5
M36x1 thread gage M39x4 M39x3 M39x2 M39x1.5
M39x1 thread gage M40x1.5 M42x4.5 M42x4 M42x3
M42x2 thread gage M42x1.5 M42x1 M45x4.5 M45x4
M45x3 thread gage M45x2 M45x1.5 M45x1 M48x5
M48x4 thread gage M48x3 M48x2 M48x1.5 M48x1
M51x1.5 thread gage M52x5 M52x4 M52x3 M52x2
M52x1.5 thread gage M52x1 M54x2 M56x5.5 M56x4
M56x3 thread gage M56x2 M56x1.5 M56x1 M60x5.5
M60x4 thread gage M60x3 M60x2 M60x1.5 M60x1
M62x2 thread gage M64x6 M64x4 M64x3 M64x2
M64x1.5 thread gage M64x1 M68x6 M68x4 M68x3
M68x2 thread gage M68x1.5 M68x1 M70x1.5 M72x6
M72x4 thread gage M72x3 M72x2 M72x1.5 M76x6
M76x4 thread gage M76x3 M76x2 M76x1.5 M80x6
M80x4 thread gage M80x3 M80x2 M80x1.5 M85x1.5
M90x6 thread gage M90x4 M90x3 M90x2 M90x1.5
M95x6 thread gage M95x4 M95x3 M95x2 M95x1.5
M100x6 thread gage M100x4 M100x3 M100x2 M100x1.5
M105x6 thread gauge  M105x4 M105x3 M105x2 M110x6
M110x4 thread gage  M110x3 M110x2 M115x6 M115x4
 M115x3 thread gage  M115x2 M120x6 M120x4 M120x3
 M120x2 thread gage  M125x8 M125x6 M125x4 M125x3
 M125x2 thread gage  M130x8 M130x6 M130x4 M130x3
 M130x2 thread gage  M135x6 M135x4 M135x3 M135x2
 M140x8 thread gage  M140x6 M140x4  M140x3  M140x2
 M145x6 thread gage  M145x4 M145x3 M145x2 M150x8
 M150x6 thread gage  M150x4 M150x3 M150x2


New added items in stock

M15x1.5 thread gage M15x1 M25x2 M25x1.5 M25x1
M26x1.5 thread gage M28x2 M28x1.5 M28x1 M32x2
M32x1.5 thread gage M35x1.5 M38x1.5 M50x3 M50x2
M50x1.5 thread gage M55x4 M55x3 M55x2 M55x1.5
M58x4 thread gage M58x3 M58x2 M58x1.5 M62x1.5
M65x4 thread gage M65x3 M65x2 M65x1.5 M70x6
M70x4 thread gage M70x3 M70x2 M75x4 M75x3
M75x2 thread gage M75x1.5 M78x2 M82x2 M82x1.5
M85x6 thread gage M85x4 M85x3 M85x2
M13x2 thread gage M13x1.5 M13x1 M17x2 M17x1.5
M17x1 thread gage M19x2 M19x1.5 M19x1 M21x2
M21x1.5 thread gage M21x1 M23x2 M23x1.5 M23x1
M29x2 thread gage M29x1.5 M29x1 M31x2 M31x1.5
M31x1 thread gage M34x2 M34x1.5 M34x1 M37x2
M37x1.5 thread gage M37x1 M38x2 M38x1 M40x2
M40x1 thread gage M41x2 M41x1.5 M41x1 M43x2
M43x1.5 thread gage M43x1 M44x2 M44x1.5 M44x1
M46x2 thread gage M46x1.5 M46x1 M47x2 M47x1.5
M47x1 thread gage M49x2 M49x1.5 M49x1 M53x2
M53x1.5 thread gage M53x1 M54x1.5 M54x1 M57x2
M57x1.5 thread gage M57x1 M59x2 M59x1.5 M59x1
M61x2 thread gage  M61x1.5  M61x1  M62x1.5  M63x2
M63x1.5 thread gage M63x1 M66x1.5 M66x1 M67x1.5
 M67x1 thread gage M69x1.5 M69x1 M74x2 M74x1.5
 M74x1 thread gage M77x1.5 M77x1 M79x1.5 M79x1


We accept payment of T/T (bank transfer), Paypal, and Credit Card. We 100% be sure gauges’s quality, when clients received goods, if found any not well, clients can give back to us, we will undertake all the loss including shipping cost .

We usually send goods by express, DHL or UPS.


Metric threadISO Metric thread

H=0.866 025 404P   5H/8=0.541 265 877P  3H/8=0.324 759 526P

H/4=0.126 506 351P   H/8=0.108 253 175P

D=Major Dia.  D2=Pitch Dia. D1=Minor Dia.

ISO Metric thread with 60 degree thread angle.

ISO metric thread is the most commonly used general-purpose mechanical fastening thread,which have great influence in mechanical production field. ISO metric thread’s standard is one of the most important mechanical Base standards.


Basic size ISO 724:1993 DIN ISO 724:1999 DIN13-1-13-11:1999 ASME B1.13M-2005 BS 3643-1:2007
Tolerance ISO 965-1:1998 DIN ISO 965-1:1999 DIN 13-52:1999 ASME B1.13M-2005 BS ISO 965-1:1998 BS 3643-1:2007
Inspection ISO 1502:1996 DIN ISO 1502 :1996         DIN 2241:2006 DIN 2279-2284:2001     DIN 2285:1989 DIN 2299-1 :2003 DIN 2299-2:1995 ASME B1.3M :2007 ASME B1.16M :1984 BS919-3:2007