MJ thread plug gageMJ thread ring gage

MJ thread gauges supplier 

MJ thread ring gages & thread plug gages

Ring gages used to check external thread, plug gages used to check internal thread.

GO & NOGO, RH(ring hand)  & LH(left hand) available

MJ thread mainly used in aeroplane and spacecraft industry. “MJ” the M means metric, “J” means rounded root of external thread. MJ thread greatly improve the Anti fatigue strength.

Class of fit: ring gage 4h6h, 4g6g ; plug gage 4H6H 4H5H.

We can provide as below MJ thread ring gages and plug gages:

MJ1.6×0.35 MJ1.8×0.35 MJ2x0.4 MJ2.2×0.45
MJ2.5×0.35 MJ2.5×0.45 MJ3x0.35 MJ3x0.5
MJ3.5×0.35 MJ3.5×0.6 MJ4x0.5 MJ4x0.7
MJ4.5×0.5 MJ4.5×0.75 MJ5x0.5 MJ5x0.8
MJ5.5×0.5 MJ6x0.75 MJ6x1 MJ7x0.75
MJ7x1 MJ8x0.75 MJ8x1 MJ8x1.25
MJ9x0.75 MJ9x1 MJ9x1.25 MJ10x0.75
MJ10x1 MJ10x1.25 MJ10x1.5 MJ11x0.75
MJ11x1 MJ11x1.25 MJ11x1.5 MJ12x1
MJ12x1.25 MJ12x1.5 MJ12x1.75 MJ14x1
MJ14x1.25 MJ14x1.5 MJ14x2 MJ15x1
MJ15x1.5 MJ16x1 MJ16x1.5 MJ16x2
MJ17x1 MJ17x1.5 MJ18x1 MJ18x1.5
MJ18x2 MJ18x2,5 MJ20x1 MJ20x1.5
MJ20x2 MJ20x2.5 MJ22x1 MJ22x1.5
MJ22x2 MJ22x2.5 MJ24x1 MJ24x1.5
MJ24x2 MJ24x3 MJ25x1 MJ25x1.5
MJ25x2 MJ26x1.5 MJ27x1 MJ27x1.5
MJ27x2 MJ27x3 MJ28x1 MJ28x1.5
MJ28x2 MJ30x1 MJ30x1.5 MJ30x2
MJ30x3 MJ30x3.5 MJ32x1.5 MJ32x2
MJ33x1.5 MJ33x2 MJ33x3 MJ33x3.5
MJ35x1.5 MJ35x2 MJ36x1.5 MJ36x2
MJ36x3 MJ36x4 MJ38x1.5 MJ39x1.5
MJ39x2 MJ39x3 MJ39x4 MJ40x1.5
MJ40x2 MJ40x3 MJ42x1.5 MJ42x2
MJ42x3 MJ42x4 MJ42x4.5 MJ45x1.5
MJ45x2 MJ45x3 MJ45x4 MJ48x5
MJ50x1.5 MJ50x2 MJ50x3


MJ Thread Standard

General requirement ISO 5855-1:1999 DIN ISO 5855-1:1989 ASME B1.21M-1997                   SAE MA 1370-1990 BS A358-1:2000
Inspection ISO 10959:2000 ASME B1.22M-1985  SAE MA1566A-1992 BS ISO 10959:2000

We can produce kinds of MJ thread gauges , welcome to talk with us.

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We usually send goods by express, DHL or UPS.

MJ Thread

H=0.8660254038P  0.5625H=0.48714 P ; 0.375 H=0.32476P

0.3125H=0.27063P; 0.125H=0.10825P