NPSM 2″ thread gage-2-11.5 NPSM ring plug gauge

2" NPSM thread gage

NPSM 2″ thread gauge

2-11.5 NPSM ring plug gage

  • DEC. : 2
  • Frac.: 2
  • TPI: 11.5

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Class of fit: ring gage 2A; plug gage 2B

Each 2″ NPSM thread gage 100% calibrated with quality assurance.

RH= right hand  LH=left hand both available

NPSM 2″ thread’s basic size

Diameter: 2  D(Pipe O.D.): 2.375  n=11 1/2  es=0.0019

2A external thread  Major dia.: max 2.351 min 2.339  Pitch Dia.: max 2.2944  min 2.2882

2B internal thread  Minor dia.: min 2.259 max 2.268  Pitch Dia.: min 2.2963   max 2.3044

2-11.5 NPSM thread gauge calibration certificate

If needed, one long form calibration certificate from professional third party testing lab accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 can be supplied. gaugesools also can provide UKAS certificates and NIST certificates if needed.

About us

gaugestools is a professional manufacturer and supplier of thread ring gages and thread plug gauges,including GO/NOGO, RH/LH(right hand and left hand).We have rich ranges of thread gauges, including UN, Metric, ACME, stub-ACME,BSPP, BSPT, NPT, NPSM, Trapezoidal, and Whitworth etc.

The 1″ NPSM thread gauge produced according to ANSI/ASME B1.20.1

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NPSM 2" thread gage2-11.5 NPSM ring plug gauge