NPTF thread gauges

NPTF thread plug gauges & ring gauges manufacturer / supplier

NPTF thread gauges, the full name is  Dry-seal American National Standard Taper Pipe thread gauges.

NPTF Ring gages used to check external thread, plug gages used to check internal thread.

Thread angle 60, Taper: 1:16, tooth shape is flat

We have below sizes in stock

NPTF 1/8″-27 NPTF 1/4″-18 NPTF 3/8″-18 NPTF 1/2″-14
NPTF 3/4″-14 NPTF 1″-11.5 NPTF 1 1/4″-11.5 NPTF 1 1/2″-11.5
NPTF 2″-11.5 NPTF 2 1/2″-8 NPTF 3″-8 NPTF 3 1/2″-8
NPTF 4″-8 NPTF 5″-8 NPTF 6″-8

We also can provide NPSF, NPSL, PTF-SAE SHORT etc dry-sealed pipe thread gages.

All our gauges can be sent to third party calibration institution to get calibration certificates.


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