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Pipe thread ring gage & pipe thread plug gage

We are a professional pipe thread gauge supplier, we not only supply British standard pipe thread gauge (BSPP, BSPT) with 55 ° thread angle, but also American standard pipe thread gage( NPT, NPSC, NPTF, NPSF,NPSI,NPSM,NPSL,NPTR etc.) with 60 ° thread angle. From 1/16″-6″,  most of sizes are in stock, can be sent out the the next days.  Nowadays, these gauges are popular in Europe, North America, South America, and Australia etc. Many clients gave high praises for our goods’ high quality with excellent service.Pipe ring gages used to check external thread, pipe plug gages used to check internal thread.

British Standard Pipe Thread gauge

British pipe thread comes from British Whitworth thread.  British standard pipe thread’s basic sizes are built up on Whitworth thread pipe lien series and tooth type combination.  Nowadays, British standard pipe thread is popular in most of countries except North America, which is widely used in international trade. British standard pipe thread is inch thread same with American standard pipe thread.

British Seal pipe thread is general-purpose seal pipe thread, it need to add seal material when being used. the advantage is economic with middle machining tolerance. Seal pipe thread have two functions, one is mechanical-connecting and the other is sealing. Seal pipe thread’s tolerance requirements are higher than non-seal pipe thread.

We have full sets of BSPT (R) thread gages in stock.(BSPT (R) is general-purpose seal pipe thread)

BSPT 1/16″-28 BSPT 1/8″-28 BSPT 1/4″-19 BSPT 3/8″-19 BSPT 1/2″-14
BSPT 3/4″-14 BSPT 1″-11  BSPT 1 1/4″-11 BSPT 1 1/2″-11 BSPT 2″-11
BSPT 2 1/2″-11 BSPT 3″-11 BSPT 4″-11 BSPT 5″-11 BSPT 6″-11


We also have full sets of  BSPP(G) thread gauges in stock.( BSPP(G) is non-sealed pipe thread)

BSPP G1/8×28 BSPP G1/4×19 BSPP G3/8×19 BSPP G1/2×14 BSPP G5/8×14
BSPP G3/4×14 BSPP G7/8×14 BSPP G 1×11 BSPP G1 1/8×11 BSPP G1 1/4×11
BSPP G1 1/2×11 BSPP G1 3/4×11 BSPP G2x11 BSPP G2 1/4×11 BSPP G2 3/4×11
BSPP G3x11 BSPP G3 1/2×11 BSPP G4x11 BSPP G4 1/2×11 BSPP G5x11
BSPP G5 1/2×11 BSPP G6x11

BSPT(R) thread is taper thread, the BSPT thread gage is stepped. Both BSPT ring gauge and plug gauge are composed by one pc. BSPP(G) thread is straight thread. BSPP(G) ring gauges include GO NOGO two pieces.BSPP(G) Plug gauges are taper-lock gauges with one handle including GO NOGO two ends.


National Pipe Thread gauge

National general-purpose seal pipe thread was set up by Robert Briggs in 1840. the National standard is ASA B2.1,     National dry seal pipe thread ‘s standard is ASA B2.2. National dry seal pipe thread has better sealing function than general-purpose. It is also okey that when using dry-sealing pipe thread you add sealing material.

  • NPT plug gage: it control workpiece’ s internal thread’s pitch diameter within L1 range. when screw in the plug gage into the internal   NPT thread,  internal thread’s large end should be in one pitch range with the plug gage’s step (Gaging Notch). otherwise, the workpiece’s internal thread is unqualified.
  • NPT ring gage: it control workpiece’ s external thread’s pitch diameter within L1 range. when screw in the ring gage into the external NPT thread, external thread’s small end should be in one pitch range with the ring gauge’s small end. otherwise, the workpiece’s external thread is unqualified.

We have full sets of NPT thread gage in stock

1/8″-27 NPT 1/4″-18 NPT 3/8″-18 NPT 1/2″-14 NPT
3/4″-14 NPT 1″-11.5 NPT 1 1/4″-11.5 NPT 1 1/2″-11.5 NPT
2″-11.5 NPT 2 1/2″-8 NPT 3″-8 NPT 3 1/2″-8 NPT
4″-8 NPT 5″-8 NPT 6″-8 NPT