Today I list some featured products we produced recently,

 Thread plug TR36x3 RH GO-NO GO 

      Thread plug TR36x3 LH GO-NO GO     

     Thread ring TR36x3 RH GO and NO GO 

     Thread ring TR36x3 LH GO and NO GO

    Tr 12×3 7H  Plug Gage  

Tr 12×3 7e Ring Gage


Tr36 x 3 ring gage LHTr12x3 ring gage

1.375”-5 ACME (2G) Left Hand Thread Plug Gauge (TPG) ASME B1.5

1.625”-6 ACME (2G) Left Hand Thread Plug Gauge (TPG) ASME B1.5

1”- 5TPI-2G Left Hand ACME Thread (ASME B1.5)      ring gage

7/8” -5TPI-2G Left Hand ACME Thread (ASME B1.5)    ring gage

1.375-5 ACME plug gage


9 / 16 – 20 UN – tolerance 2B tap, taps are coated for stainless steel machining.

you can see below we add coating, then these taps can be used in stainless steel machining.

we can add coating service for our taps if clients need that.

9/16-20 UN tap

This week we provide one big tap ( 3 3/4“-8 UN tap ) to Switzerland , it is 3 3/4″ and near to 250mm long.

we haven’t listed out size of taps more than 3″ , but we can provide big size tap, clients have any special needs, welcome to livechat with us or sdend mail.


3 3/4-8 UN thread tap