Q:I am looking to buy M25X2 Ring Gages M25 GO NOGO thread plug gage can you help me please?

A: yes, we have these items in stock,M25 x 2 thread gauges,Client can order on line

Q:Will these be correct for scuba diving gas bottle and valve checks?

A: Yes, they are correct. as long as the thread on the gas bottle and valve is M25x2 , then use our M25x2 thread gauge to check the thread, it is correct.

Q:Just so I have this correct I get a GO & NOGO ring for checking the M25X2 valve thread, and a GO NOGO plug gage to check the internal thread of a scuba gas bottle?

A: Yes, it is correct. GO & NOGO ring  for checking external thread of valve. GO NOGO plug gage for checking the internal thread of a scuba gas bottle.

Q: I need these gages to check thevalve and bottle threads integrity when carrying out my visual inspections on scuba diving bottles, the size on the valve says M25X2 so if your engineer can confirm this can you also send me the payment details. I live in Cyprus but I will be back in the UK shortly so if its easier to post there we can confirm.

A: Yes, if the size on the valve says M25x2, then use our M25x2 thread gauge, it is okey. you also can check the thread’s class of fit, the external thread should be 6g, the internal thread should be 6H.

Q:I was instructed that there was no such thing as a J Series Plug Gage, back in 2011. And that because of this you would have to Inspect the Minor Diameter Seperately. In our Gage Crib we only have Access to UNF Plugs. Has something Changed since 2011? Are UNJF Plugs now Available? Any help in this Matter will be appreciated.

A: In this condition, you no need UNJF plug gage, just the UNF plug gages are fine,The minor diameter of internal threads should be checked with plain pin gages.

Q:1″-5 ACME 4G Plug Gauge. What should the PD, Major and Minor NO-GO dimensions be?

A: GO :  Major diameter: 25.705-0.051  pitch diameter:22.880-0.02     Minor diameter <=20.066

NOGO: Major diameter: 24.130-0.051  pitch diameter:23.025-0.02     Minor diameter <=20.066