We have a wide range of standard thread gages in stock, we can send out them next days. But clients often have some special requirements. We are also very happy to take special thread gauges production for clients. Today we list some special thread gages we produced for clients recently. 

M160x3 6H plug gageM160x3 6H GO NOGO plug gage

It is more than 6″, very big plug gage, we don’t have in stock. so we took custom production for this item. We finished taking two weeks. and we sent out to professional third party testing lab to get long form calibration certificates for client according to client’s requirements.  The testing lab we use is Beijing aerospace institute for Metrology and measurement technology . This body is a CNAS accredited laboratory with a qualified quality management system in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard, accreditation certificate NO. CNAS LO283. the testing standard is ASME B1.3M:2007  ASME B1.16M:1984

As this M160x3 thread plug gauge is very big. the design can’t be like usual, double ends with one handle, taperlock, the GO NOGO is separate here, we put the gauges in the wood box, then the goods can be protected very well in the transport. This item was produced for American client.

3/8-40 UNS 2A ring gage3/8-40 UNS 2A thread ring gage

You know UNS is special united inch thread, we also took custom production for this item. TPI is 40, it is very thin thread. we made it very well. and got long form calibration certificate from testing lab. you can see our high precision production ability. This item was produced for one high quality precision CNC machining company, located in the USA.  we already served hundreds of CNC machining field’ clients. Most of them are our long form clients. As our high quality, quick shipment and excellent service, more and more clients treat us as first choice for buying thread gages, no matter standard or special thread gages.

1/4-56 UNS ring gage1/4-56 UNS 2A ring gage

This client is also from USA. He ordered 1/4-56 UNS 2B  go/nogo thread plug gag and 2A thread ring gage go/nogo , each item ordered two sets. one set asked to send to USA, another set asked to send to Taiwan, client’s supplier is located in Taiwan. we did it according to client’s requirement. If clients have any special requirements, just tell us, we will try our best to reach them.

M114x1 7g8g ring gageM114x1 Internal 6H7H plug gage and M114x1 External 7g8g ring gage

These days we made M114x1 Internal 6H7H plug gage, M114x1 External 7g8g ring gage, M129x1 External 5g6g ring gage, and M129x1 Internal 6H7H plug gage. these are double tolerance ‘s special thread gauges. We made them very well and clients are very satisfied with our quality.

M129 special thread gageM129x1 External 5g6g ring gage

We have strong custom production ability for special thread gages, if clients have any special requirements of thread gauges, please come to ask us, we can manufacturer special thread gages for client’s special thread’ testing requirements.