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High quality thread ring gages and plug gages.

We have many standard GO NOGO thread gauges in stock, including Metric, United inch, BSPP, BSPT, NPT and NPSM etc. Usually clients can receive thread gages taking 3-5 days. We send goods using the quickest express, DHL , Fedex etc. For some special GO NO/NOGO thread gages, we can take custom production. For example, ACME, Stub-ACME , and Trapezoidal threads, these thread gauges need custom production, the thread ring gages need two weeks to be finished, the thread plug gauges need ten days to finished.

Payment:  we accept Paypal,Credit card and Bank transfer.


Calibration certificate: If needed, we can send our thread gauges to third party testing lab ISO17025 accredited to get long form calibration certificate.

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Thread gages also called GO NOGO thread gage, screw thread gauges. thread gauges are usually used to judge the products’s thread’s correctness. (The go gauge should go entirely to the end of thread, the NOGO end should be stopped before three turns. Otherwise, the thread is not correct.) Thread sizes are composed by thread diameter and pitch. When you choose a thread gage, you should know clearly which thread you need to test. (thread form, Diameter, Pitch or TPI, class of fit etc, you should know clearly about these.)

Thread ring gauges are used to test external thread, thread plug gages are used to test internal thread. They can divided to three kinds, coarse thread, fine thread and pipe thread.

gaugestools can produce kinds of thread gages, including Metric thread gauge, Acme thread gauge, UN thread gauge, NPT thread gauge, BSP thread gauge etc. gaugestools have the standard sizes in stock, for special items, custom production can be provided. We can be sure each gage is high precision gage, if needed, one long form calibration certificate ISO 17025 accredited can be provided.

gaugestools can provide thread ring gauge, plug gage, plain gauge and pin gauge. our thread ring gages are solid, can be used directly, no need to be calibrated using setting plug gages in advance, which can greatly save time and money. our plug gages are taper-lock style, one handle with double ends. The go end is longer than the NOGO end. If one end was worn out, you can replace the end worn out. The handle and another end can be used again.

gaugestools make thread gauges to X tolerance. For United Inch thread gages, the standard class of fit is 2A, 2B. We stock a rich ranges of inventory of UN thread gages with class 2A, 2B. the next day delivery is available. For metric thread gauges, we stock 6g metric ring gage, 6H metric plug gauge. Of course, if clients need special class of fit. custom made service can be provided


our thread gauges use material Gcr15, bearing steel , GCr15 steel is a low alloy content, with good performance, the most widely used high-carbon chromium bearing steel. After quenching and tempering with a high hardness, uniform organization, good wear resistance, high contact fatigue performance. composition / element content (%) C: 0.95-1.05 Mn: 0.25-0.45 Si: 0.15-0.35 S: ≤0.025 P: ≤0.025 Cr: 1.40-1.65 Mo: ≤0.10 Ni:≤0.30 Cu:≤0.25 Ni+Cu≤0.50. Our thread gauges are with hardness Rockwell C60-62.

  • each gage produced from the highest quality oil hardened bearing tool.
  • Rich ranges of inventories in stock, having over 4000 sizes in stock, it is quick and easy to find the items you need from gaugestools
  • each gage strictly inspected in every thread element (Thread form, angle, flank, pitch , major diameter, pitch diameter, minor diameter etc), with 100% quality assurance.
  • If needed, one long form  calibration certificate from calibration lab ISO17025 accredited  can be supplied
  • Quick delivery, usually clients can receive gauges taking 3-4 days.
  • Worldwide shipment
  • Great service, each client’s questions can be replied actively in 5 hours. clients can contact us by telephone, E-mail, or Livechat. We have livechat service on our site, client can get quick reply.

Anyone need any thread gages, welcome to consult us.