One client from Malaysia send us one Inquiry  about M52 x 1/11 thread gauge/inch, and send us pictures.

He need to get these Metric thread gages with GO NOGO.

M52 Plug Gauge

M52 Ring Gauge

Usually for Metric thread gage, it is shown like this, For example, M52x 1.5, the 1.5 mean pitch, it is 1.5 mm.

How to understand M52 x 1/11? we haven’t met this condition before. 1/11? how to understand? we take much time to think and get help for others.

Finally, One of our experienced engineers say, it means: 1″ have 11 thread, the pitch is about 2.309 mm.

We are very happy to think out it, and I ask our client to confirm it at once.

And we send some data for client to confirm.

M52 x 1/11 6g ring gage(P=2.309)

Major diameter

Go NOGO >=51.971

Pitch diameter

GO 50.443+0.018

NOGO 50.252+0.018

Minor Diameter



M52 x 1/11 6H plug gage(P=2.309)

Major diameter

GO : 52.03-0.028

NOGO: 51.033-0.028

Pitch diameter

GO 50.523-0.014

NOGO 50.764-0.014

Minor Diameter


GO NOGO <=49.5004

After clients confirm these data, then we go to produce these thread gauges fully according to ISO standard.

M52  plu gage

M52 ring gage