Metric thread tap

Metric thread taps supplier

Metric taps & dies manufacturer

Metric taps are the most commonly used tools for cutting Metric thread.

Metric hand taps are mainly used in single volume production; Metric machine taps and nuts taps are widely used in mass production. Using Metric taps has the characteristics of low-cost tool , less-dependent on operation workers and higher thread accuracy etc. Both Metric hand taps and machine taps can be supplied by us.

Our Metric taps  can be supplied by sets and individual( one sets including three taps, taper, second and bottom), if  no specially specified, we will supply second taps for using. (In North America, second taps are often called “plug” tap. but in the U.K, bottom taps are often called plug taps. in order to avoid misunderstanding, we suggest all clients  using taper, second and bottom). if no specially specified, we will send straight flute taps.

We can supply kinds of Metric thread taps as below:

  • Straight flute taps
  • Spiral point taps
  • Spiral flute taps
  • Fluteless taps
  • Nut taps

Material: HSS (high speed steel)  Ground thread

We can supply as below sizes’ Metric thread taps:

M2x0.4 Tap M2x0.25 Tap M2.2×0.45 Tap
M2.5×0.45 Tap M2.5×0.35 Tap M3x0.5 Tap
M3x0.35 Tap M3.5×0.6 Tap M3.5×0.35 Tap
M4x0.7 Tap M4x0.5 Tap M5x0.8 Tap
M5x0.5 Tap M6x1 Tap M6x0.75 Tap
M6x0.5 Tap M7x1 Tap M7x0.75 Tap
M7x0.5 Tap M8x1.25 Tap M8x1 Tap
M8x0.75 Tap M8x0.5 Tap M9x1.25 Tap
M9x1 Tap M9x0.75 Tap M9x0.5 Tap
M10x1.5 Tap M10x1.25 Tap M10x1 Tap
M10x0.75 Tap M10x0.5 Tap M11x1.5 Tap
M11x1.25 Tap M11x1 Tap M11x0.75 Tap
M11x0.5 Tap M12x1.75 Tap M12x1.5 Tap
M12x1.25 Tap M12x1 Tap M12x0.75 Tap
M12x0.5 Tap M14x2 Tap M14x1.5 Tap
M14x1.25 Tap M14x1 Tap M14x0.75 Tap
M14x0.5 Tap M16x2 Tap M16x1.5 Tap
M16x1 Tap M16x0.75 Tap M16x0.5 Tap
M18x2.5 Tap M18x2 Tap M18x1.5 Tap
M18x1 Tap M18x0.75 Tap M18x0.5 Tap
M20x2.5 Tap M20x2 Tap M20x1.5 Tap
M20x1 Tap M20x0.75 Tap M20x0.5 Tap
M22x2.5 Tap M22x2 Tap M22x1.5 Tap
M22x1 Tap M22x0.75 Tap M22x0.5 Tap
M24x3 Tap M24x2 Tap M24x1.5 Tap
M24x1 Tap M24x0.75 Tap M27x3 Tap
M27x2 Tap M27x1.5 Tap M27x1 Tap
M27x0.75 Tap M30x3.5 Tap M30x3 Tap
M30x2 Tap M30x1.5 Tap M30x1 Tap
M30x0.75 Tap M33x3.5 Tap M33x3 Tap
M33x2 Tap M33x1.5 Tap M33x1 Tap
M33x0.75 Tap M36x4 Tap M36x3 Tap
M36x2 Tap M36x1.5 Tap M36x1 Tap
M39x4 Tap M39x3 Tap M39x2 Tap
M39x1.5 Tap M39x1 Tap M40x1.5 Tap
M42x4.5 Tap M42x4 Tap M42x3 Tap
M42x2 Tap M42x1.5 Tap M42x1 Tap
M45x4.5 Tap M45x4 Tap M45x3 Tap
M45x2 Tap M45x1.5 Tap M45x1 Tap
M48x5 Tap M48x4 Tap M48x3 Tap
M48x2 Tap M48x1.5 Tap M48x1 Tap
M51x1.5 Tap M52x5 Tap M52x4 Tap
M52x3 Tap M52x2 Tap M52x1.5 Tap
M52x1 Tap M54x2 Tap M56x5.5 Tap
M56x4 Tap M56x3 Tap M56x2 Tap
M56x1.5 Tap M56x1 Tap M60x5.5 Tap
M60x4 Tap M60x3 Tap M60x2 Tap
M60x1.5 Tap M60x1 Tap M62x2 Tap
M64x6 Tap M64x4 Tap M64x3 Tap
M64x2 Tap M64x1.5 Tap M64x1 Tap
M68x6 Tap M68x4 Tap M68x3 Tap
M68x2 Tap M68x1.5 Tap M68x1 Tap
M70x1.5 Tap M72x6 Tap M72x4 Tap
M72x3 Tap M72x2 Tap M72x1.5 Tap
M76x6 Tap M76x4 Tap M76x3 Tap
M76x2 Tap M76x1.5 Tap M80x6 Tap
M80x4 Tap M80x3 Tap M80x2 Tap
M80x1.5 Tap M85x1.5 Tap M90x6 Tap
M90x4 Tap M90x3 Tap M90x2 Tap
M90x1.5 Tap M95x6 Tap M95x4 Tap
M95x3 Tap M95x2 Tap M95x1.5 Tap
M100x6 Tap M100x4 Tap M100x3 Tap
M100x2 Tap M100x1.5 Tap

We accept payment of T/T (bank transfer), Paypal, clients also can pay us by credit card.

We usually send goods by express, DHL or UPS.