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UNC thread gage is Unified National Coarse thread gage with 60 degree thread angle.

UNC thread is usually used in thread fasteners which are in high volume production. Coarse-thread series, UNC, is the one most commonly used in the bulk production of bolts, screws, nuts and other general engineering applications. It is also used for threading into lower tensile strength materials such as cast iron, mild steel and softer materials(brass, bronze, aluminum, magnesium and plastics) to obtain the optimum resistance to stripping of the internal thread. It is applicable for rapid assembly or disassembly, or if corrosion or slight damage is possible.

GO & NOGO, RH(ring hand)  & LH(left hand) available

From 1/4″-3 7/8″ many standard sizes in stock, can keep the next days delivery.

  • Material:Oil hardened tool steel-Gcr15, high wear resistance.
  • Hardness: 58-62 HRC
  • Ring gages are solid; Plug gauges are Taperlock- double ends with one handle. our solid ring gages can be used directly, no need setting plug gages to test them in advance. The advantage of Taper-lock style is when one end worn out, one new end can be replaced quickly and easily.The handle and end in good condition can be used again.
  • All gages are brand new
  • Gage manufacturer ISO9001 certified
  • gaugestools know the importance of controlling temperature and humidity when testing gages, the temperature will be 20 degree +- 0.5 degree, the humidity will be 45%-65%.
  • Long form calibration certificate from ISO17025 accredited lab can be provided, but it need to be told in advance, and need extra costs.
  • We can provide laser marking service on the gauges. For example, clents’ Logo.
  • Delivery time: 3-5 days.We will send goods by express, Fedex, DHL or UPS. A tracking number will be sent to clients once shipped.
  • all these gauges are fixed limit gauges, inspecting thread on a pass/ fail basis, not checking detailed size of thread.

Standard tolerance: Plug 2B &  ring 2A

Internal thread tolerance class: 1B、2B、3B;

External thread tolerance class: 1A、2A、3A

For special gauge without stock, we can provide special custom production service,  one pc is also acceptable,

We have as below standard sizes’ UNC screw plug gages and  screw ring gages in stock.

2-56 UNC 3-48 UNC 4-40 UNC 5-40 UNC
6-32 UNC 8-32 UNC 10-24 UNC 12-24 UNC
1/4″-20 UNC 5/16″-18 UNC 3/8″-16 UNC 7/16″-14 UNC
1/2″-13 UNC 9/16″-12 UNC 5/8″-11 UNC 3/4″-10 UNC
7/8″-9 UNC 1″-8 UNC 1 1/8″-7 UNC 1 1/4″-7 UNC
1 5/16″-6 UNC 1 3/8″-6 UNC 1 1/2″-6 UNC 1 3/4″-5 UNC
2″-4.5 UNC 2 1/4″-4.5 UNC 2 1/2″-4 UNC 2 3/4″-4 UNC
3″-4 UNC 3 1/4″-4 UNC 3 7/8″-4 UNC

UN thread

D,d =Major diameter  D2,d2=Pitch diameter   D1,d1=Minor diameter

Thread angle: 60 degree

Crest and root are flat.

H=0.86602540P; 5H/8=0.54126588P;  3H/8=0.32475953P

H/4=0.12650635P;  H/8=0.10825318P

How to order:

  • Specify diameter, for example, 3/8″
  • Specify TPI, for example, TPI 16
  • Specify thread form, for example, UNC
  • Specify ring gage or plug gage, ring gage for checking external thread, plug gauge for checking internal thread.
  • Specify class of fit, for example: 3A
  • Specify quantity
  • After receiving above information, we will make an invoice and send money request, then clients can pay it.

Quality Policy:

At gaugestools, we strive to offer clients quality metric thread ring gages and plug gauges with competitive price and quick shipment. We not only strive to meet clients’ expectations, but also exceed clients’ expectations by continual improvements .

Return Policy:

We will exchange or refund in one week if clients found any products not quality enough or meet clients’ expectations. After receiving our products, once clients have anywhere not satisfied, please contact us at once, clients can send us Email, or contact us with livechat,  we will deal with clients’ problems in quick time, we are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction.

We 100% be sure gauges’s quality, when clients received goods, if found any not well, clients can give back to us, we will undertake all the loss including shipping cost .

We accept payment of T/T (bank transfer), Paypal and Credit card.

We usually send goods by express, DHL or UPS.