Whitworth thread plug gaugeBSF ring gage

Whitworth thread gauges (BSW/ BSF) supplier

Whitworth thread ring gauges and plug gauges

GO & NOGO, RH(ring hand)  & LH(left hand) available

Thread angle:  55°, rounded crests and roots

We have as below BSW thread gauges .

3/16″x24 BSW 1/4″x20 BSW 5/16″x18 BSW 3/8″x16 BSW 7/16″x14 BSW
1/2″x12 BSW 9/16″x12 BSW 5/8″x11 BSW 11/16″x11 BSW 3/4″x10 BSW
13/16″x10 BSW 7/8″x9 BSW 15/16″x9 BSW 1″x8 BSW 1 1/8″x7 BSW
1 1/4″x7 BSW 1 3/8″x6 BSW 1 1/2″x6 BSW 1 5/8″x5 BSW 1 3/4″x5 BSW
1 7/8″x4.5 BSW 2″x4.5 BSW 2 1/8″x4.5 BSW 2 1/4″x4 BSW 2 3/8″x4 BSW
2 1/2″x4 BSW 2 5/8″x4 BSW 2 3/4″x3.5 BSW 2 7/8″x3.5 BSW 3″x3.5 BSW


We have as below BSF thread gauges

3⁄16″x32 BSF 1/4″x26 BSF 5⁄16″x22 BSF 3⁄8″x20 BSF 7⁄16″x18 BSF
1/2″x16 BSF 9⁄16″x16 BSF 5/8″x14 BSF 11/16″x14 BSF 3/4″x12 BSF
13/16″x12 BSF 7/8″x11 BSF 1″x10 BSF 1 1/8″x9 BSF 1 1/4″x9 BSF
1 3/8″x8 BSF 1 1/2″x8 BSF 1 5/8″x8 BSF 1 3/4″x8 BSF 1 7/8″x7 BSF
2″x7 BSF 2 1/4″x6 BSF 2 1/2″x6 BSF 2 3/4″x6 BSF 3″x5 BSF

Class of fit

Whitworth thread plug gauges: Medium and Normal

Whitworth thread ring gauges: Close, Medium and free

We also can produce special whitworth thread gauges according to clients’ special requirement.

We accept payment of T/T (bank transfer), Paypal, and Credit Card payment.

We usually send goods by express, DHL or UPS.

whitworth thread

Whitworth thread

H=0.960 491 P  H/6=0.160 082 P ;  h=0.640 327 P;   r= 0.137 329P

Whitworth thread’s British standard: BS 84:2007

Whitworth thread’s thread gauges standard: BS 912-2:2007

Whiworth thread standard was provided by Joseph Whitworth in 1841, it is the first thread standard in the world.